If you don't find the function you want, or can't get it to show results to fit your reporting or analytical requirements, we can custom tailor the add-in to suit your tastes. The customization can be private i.e. for competitively advantageous reasons, or it can be for distribution in the next general release.


We can create a spreadsheet or a whole system using MS Excel spreadsheet and VBA functionality. You can have the menu customized to meet your requirements, upload data from the web for the latest prices, or use a common data source so that all the information is up to date and consistent across all your reports.


We can answer all your questions regarding installation and use of the risk/reqard analyzer add-in and games. Check the FAQ page for some common questions and answers, but feel free to contact us anytime (even for emergencies!) to solve any problems you have. If you want to copy one or more of the graphs into your reporting from the example spreadsheet, but can't figure out how to get the graph to work, we can walk you through the process step by step.

For a very reasonable fee we can adapt your current reports to use the functions and automate their production so that new data doesn't have to be manually entered or adjusted to update the report.