WebSudoku.com was launched in June 2005 by Gideon Greenspan and Rachel Lee and grew rapidly to become the most popular Sudoku site on the Internet, visited by 100,000s of people every day. Click on their logo on the right to get a new evil Sudoku puzzle.

Many people solve the puzzle right there on their web page, but a few of us like to use Excel - for one thing, there isn't a nasty clock ticking away putting more pressure on you, and you can come back to the puzzle whenever you want if it's neatly tucked into a spreadsheet on your computer somewhere.

Ah - but there's a problem - if you try to copy/paste the puzzle into Excel, you get a lot of text boxes which are difficult to transcribe into numbers that Excel actually recognizes. You might as well type the numbers off the screen. But if you're like me, this takes time and is prone to errors. Ok, well maybe a lot of you aren't like me. However, in Excel, you can use my Sudoku Solver tool (go back in the menu) and instantly solve the puzzle! This gives you very fast answer times on the web page (you have to type the solution in) and lot's of bragging rights.

I developed a little spreadsheet and macro (WebSudoku Paste) that takes the pasted puzzle and converts all the text boxes to actual numbers. Then you can transfer them into the Sudoku Machine for solving, or solve it right there in the WebSudoku Paste sheet.

The next few pages detail how to get the puzzle into the Excel spreadsheet and then run the Macro conversion routine (it's actually pretty easy).

The first step is to navigate to the WebSudoku website and selected the degree of difficulty that you want - by the way there is a convenient link to their website right on the WebSudoku Paste worksheet at the top. Then you have to highlight the numbers in the grid provided.

Hold the mouse outside the upper left box, left click, and drag the mouse diagonally down to the right until all the cells are highlighted. Using a pen is easier, just drag it diagonally down and to the right. Enter ctl-c on the keyboard.

Click on the right arrow to go to the next page to see the next steps.

WebSudoku Paste for MS Excel 2007+ Ver 1.2

WebSudoku Paste
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