With this code you can enter a puzzle from the paper or magazine [Enter a Puzzle], check if your entry was good [Manually Solve], and solve it yourself, or have the system do it for you [Auto Solve]. You can save up to three versions of games [Save Puzzle], and retrieve them later [Recall Puzzle]. If you don't have a handy puzzle around, ask the system to create one for you [Create Puzzle] in 6 degrees of difficulty. You can clear out the solution only [Clear Solution] or clear the entire board or clear the memory [Clear Grids]. [Manually Solve] not only switches from enter puzzle mode to solve puzzle mode, but checks your progress and highlights any errors.

Sudoku Machine for MS Excel 2007+ KB Ver 1.14

Sudoku Machine
Numbers entered from a puzzle appear in black and are locked once they are all in. You can re-enter enter mode at any time to fix an error. Once you press [Manually Solve] the solution numbers appear in blue and can be edited. You can also enter more than 1 number per cell to reflect multiple possibilities. Multiple numbers in a cell are not checked for accuracy.

Use your keyboard to enter numbers into the cells. You can add as many numbers to a cell as you like. The [Pencil In] button will take all blank cells and cells with more than one number and fill in all the possibilities for that cell. It will identify naked singularities and eliminate them from all other relevant cells.

[Auto Solve] will use all the cells that have solutions (the original black and your added blue entries) but ignores cells with multiple entries. This allows you to try out different possibilities. However if a conflict is found in the grid an error message will appear pointing out where the conflict was found. If the puzzle has more than 1 possible answer, Sudoku Machine will stop after finding one of them. By changing one or more of your numbers in the cells, you can force Sudoku Machine to try different solutions. [Manually Solve] always uses only the original clues to check your answers.
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