If you have had problems creating a graph quickly from your data using MS Excel, you'll appreciate this spreadsheet tool that instantly graphs your available data (pasted into a separate spreadsheet) by selecting from the parameters on the right.
You can choose up to 4 individual funds or indices and make ad-hoc composite indices from your available data from up to three funds and/or indices and plot them on the time line that you require. You can smooth any of the selections or have two selections the same and smooth one of them. You can select a logarithmic scale.
Once you have selected the data, you pick which chart type and what form of the data you want. Press "Create Chart" and the chart appears on the screen! The print function will generate a great looking sheet for the graph, or you can paste the graph into a Powerpoint presentation or other document. The graphs are customizable once created.
All the selections in the drop-down boxes are dynamically linked to the master file of the returns, so once you have entered in the returns, you simply select what you need.
The product has a number of built in fail-safe measures to warn you or prevent action if you have not selected enough parameters or they are inconsistent.
It's available now for the low price of $100. See the Contact Us page to send us a note to get your copy.
Graphing Tools

SmartPortTools Graphing tools for MS Excel 2007+

Graph types:
Frequency Distribution
Risk-Return Scatter
10 Worst Drawdowns
Efficient Frontier

Data plotted:
Rolling 3 Month Returns
Rolling 6 Month SDev
Rolling 6 Month Returns
Returns + 99% VAR
Returns + 99% VAR 6mos
Returns + 99% VAR 6mos Smooth
Rolling 6 Month Sharpe
Rolling 6 Month Kurtosis