Extract from the Example Spreadsheet
• Omega Measure
• Worst period analysis
• Relative Strength Index
• Improved file sharing
• Active help in function
• Works with “blank” cells
• Extra tools to assist in
    report writing
New Features

Alphabetical list of the available functions:

Arithmetic Average Gain
Arithmetic Average Loss
Arithmetic Relative Sharpe Ratio
Arithmetic Sharpe Ratio
Arithmetic Treynor Ratio
Arithmetically Compounded Return
Calmar Ratio
Down Capture Ratio
Down Number Ratio
Down Percentage Ratio
Downside Deviation
Drawdown Analysis
Gain Deviation
Gain to Loss Ratio
Geometric Average Gain
Geometric Average Loss
Geometric Relative Sharpe Ratio
Geometric Sharpe Ratio
Geometric Treynor Ratio
Geometrically Compounded Return
Hull Moving Average
Information Ratio
Jensen’s Alpha
Loss Deviation
MACD and Signal Line
Maximum Drawdown
Maximum Run Up
Modigliani Measure
Omega Measure
Percentage Gain Ratio
Percentage Loss Ratio
Profit to Loss Ratio
R Squared Regression Statistic
Relative Strength Index
Run up Analysis
Semi Deviation
Sortino Ratio
Standard Deviation
Tracking Error
Up Capture Ratio
Up Number Ratio
Up Percentage Ratio
Value Added Monthly Index
Worst Period Drawdown Comparison List
The SmartPort Tools add-In provides most of the popular risk/reward ratios and functions, including comprehensive drawdown analysis and Hull's Moving Average in an easy to use format suitable for compliance and management/client reporting as well as ad-hoc analysis.
The functions are packaged in an add-in compatible with MS Excel 2007 or higher and use .xlsx/.xlsm files for the spreadsheets. All functions follow the standards for functions as defined for MS Excel and work seamlessly in your existing spreadsheets. The add-in comes with an example spreadsheet to show how to use all the functions and a comprehensive User Guide detailing installation instructions, and use for all the features. The next 2 pages show examples of the many available functions. Get it for the low price of $100. See the Contact Us page to send us a note to get your copy.
Fin Calc Tools

SmartPortTools Financial tools add-in for MS Excel 2007+ Ver 2.5