SmartPortTools Financial tools add-in for MS Excel 2007+ Ver 2.5


ChartBuilder for MS Excel 2007+ Ver 1.7

Sudoku Machine for MS Excel 2007+ KB and Pen Ver 1.14

WebSudoku Paste for MS Excel 2007+ Ver 1.2

BlackJack for MS Excel 2007+ Ver 3.16

Financial Calculation Tools

Graphing Assistance Tools


The Financial Tool Add-in for MicroSoft Excel 2007+ provides over 50 financial risk/reward functions in an easy to install and use Excel add-in. See the User Guide to learn how to enter the functions and immediately be able to create accurate, sophisticated performance reports. Also if you like to do your own analysis of ETFs and funds, you can access the ratios and measurement functions to create graphs and comparative analysis. Included with the add-in is an Excel spredsheet showcasing all the functions and the graphs that the functions can build.
The ChartBuilder Tool uses the Financial tools Add-in noted above and a separate spreadsheet that lists your funds with their return streams and/or any indices you track, and with push-button ease instantly generates graphs that can be used for presentations, sales calls, fund analysis, what-if analysis, and any other graph related purpose. Graphs are generated with optimized axes values and color backgrounds. Since the graphs are unlocked - you can customise any graph to suit your presentation style. Open code means that you can also make permanent changes to the graph styles - or contact us to make it specific for your needs.
If you like to do Sudoku puzzles, but are missing the answers - or if you want to do them on Excel rather than a piece of paper - then the Sudoku Machine is for you. This is a free download and features auto solution, manual solution support (tells you how well you are doing and highlights any errors), generates new puzzles, saves and recalls up to three puzzles at a time, supports keyboard and mouse based data entry and solutions, allows multiple entry of numbers into a square, and well, gosh, just about anything you want. There are two versions - one a keyboard version, and a pen version.
In conjunction with the Sudoku Machine, you might like to go to the WebSudoku® website to get a new puzzle from time to time. There is only one problem for those of us who like to solve the puzzles on our Excel spreadsheet - the copy/paste function for WebSudoku® generates a word text box in the cells, not usable numbers. And these are laboriously painful to convert to plain numbers, it's easier just to type them in by hand! Well, now you can copy the provided puzzle from the web page and in one touch convert the puzzle to standard Excel numbers. The Soduku Machine then has a pushbotton to transfer the puzzle into the Sudoku Machine where (if you like) you can instantly solve it! I myself can put a solution back into the WebSudoku page in under 2 minutes. Of course - you can solve the puzzle yourself right in the Paste spreadsheet if you like. This is a free download.
Use this link to go to the WebSudoku website.
Creating a BlackJack game is not that complicated - ok with splits, insurance, double down and other features it can be a bit complicated. Now add in real pictures of cards (not just text values) and auto counting of your hand, betting, shuffling, sounds and other features (did I mention 4 decks to allow you practice in counting?) and well, you have a pretty good Blackjack game on your hands. This is a free download and open code.