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Spreadsheet use is endemic to financial life. And regardless of the capability of corporate systems to provide up to the minute data and access to the latest tools, we will always depend on spreadsheets for that custom look, the ad-hoc performance report, or to check the numbers from that big server in the sky. SmartPortTools has a number of specialized statistical and financial formulas wrapped into an Excel add-in that have been developed to save you time and money in creating world-class reports and in getting the underlying support for your decision-making analysis.
Release 2.5 is now out! We have added the Relative Strength Index. This uses exponential smoothing over the specified time frame to generate a momentum graph. Index values go from 1-100.
Drop us a line if you don't see your favorite function, or if you have one that is laborious to create.
Recent News
We are featuring a collection of much needed but in many cases unavailable financial risk/reward functions. It is designed to work with the latest MS Excel releases. Files created on one PC can easily be sent to other users with this add-in and opened without any problem in finding the functions.

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Normally it would take you weeks to develop these tools in your spreadsheets yourself. SmartPortTools is here to get you to your end product as quickly as possible.